A preferred 1st choice insulin for dogs1,2

Rapid and sustained effect: biphasic insulin activity6.

  • amorphous fraction 30% peaks at about 4 hours post-injection and lasts for 8 hours.
  • crystalline fraction 70% is slowly absorbed, peak activity at 11 hours post-injection.

Flexible dosing: with once- or twice-daily dosing option12

  • duration of activity 14 to 24 hours12.
  • once-daily dosing in up to one-third of diabetic dogs5,6,10-13

Minimising the risk of anti-insulin antibodies

  • Amino acid structure identical to canine insulin3.

Effectively controls blood glucose levels and reduces clinical signs of diabetes

Flexible administration options

Available in a range of packs and administration options:

  • For injection by syringe:
    • 2.5 ml vial
    • 10 ml vial
  • For administration by VetPen:
    • 2.7 ml cartridges


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Caninsulin® contains 40 IU/ml of Porcine insulin present as 35% amorphous Zinc insulin and 65% crystalline Zinc insulin, and is indicated in cases of diabetes mellitus (insulin deficiency) in dogs and cats, where the required blood glucose levels are achieved by using an individually adjusted dose of Caninsulin.

Legal category: ROI POM NI POM-V

Use medicines responsibly.

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