Canine Cough, or canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease of dogs, characterized by inflammation of the upper respiratory system. The disease is found worldwide and will affect a relatively high percentage of dogs in their lifetime. In general all dogs that are social with other dogs are at risk.

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Rabies causes over 55,000 deaths in people each year in Africa and India. Our afya projects are a great way for you to help eliminate this terrible, deadly disease while giving your pets protection from the disease.


Leptospirosis is considered the most widespread zoonotic infection in the world – and infected dogs can also be a source of infection for people. Spotting the early signs of canine leptospirosis can be a lot harder than you think

Create stronger bonds by educating yourself on the importance of vaccinating your pets. Although vaccination is widely accepted by most pet owners we do see a drop in vaccination when animals get older. We have developed this animation for you to keep yourself informed on the many benefits of vaccination.