Cepralock 2.6 g intramammary suspension for Dry Cows

Product Information for Veterinary Healthcare Professionals

Cepralock is a teat sealant product indicated for the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period. In cows considered likely to be free of sub-clinical mastitis, the product can be used on its own in dry cow management and mastitis control.

Each single dose 4g syringe contains the active substance bismuth subnitrate as well as excipients.

For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings please consult product leaflet. Further information is available on request. Use medicines responsibly. 

Legal Category


Packaging Quantities
Carton box of 24 syringes and alcoholic disinfectant wipes.
Plastic bucket of 144 syringes and alcoholic disinfectant wipes.
Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

Cepralock Summary of Product Characteristics

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