Vaccine products for cattle (Republic of Ireland)

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Bovilis Bovipast RSP

An aqueous suspension vaccine for subcutaneous injection. One dose (5 ml) of the vaccine contains at least 10 5.5 TCID50 inactivated BRS virus (strain EV 908) and at least 10 7.3 TCID50 Parainfluenza 3 virus (strain SF-4 Reisinger), together with 9 x 109 cells inactivated Mannheimia haemolytica bacteria (serotype A1) propagated under conditions of iron restriction.

Bovilis Bovivac S

An opaque fluid vaccine containing inactivated cells of Salmonella dublin (1 × 10 9 cells/ml) and Salmonella typhimurium (1 × 10 9 cells/ml). The vaccine contains aluminium hydroxide as an adjuvant and thiomersal as a preservative.

Bovilis BVD

Inactivated vaccine for active immunisation of cows and heifers from eight months of age onwards to protect the foetus against transplacental infection with BVDV.

Bovilis Cryptium
Bovilis Huskvac

Oral vaccine for the prophylactic immunisation of young cattle against parasitic bronchitis attributable to Dictyocaulus viviparus.

Bovilis IBR Marker Inac

Bovilis IBR Marker Inac is an inactivated IBR marker vaccine per dose containing gE− BHV-1 strain GK/D.

Bovilis IBR Marker live

Bovilis IBR Marker is a live, attenuated IBR marker vaccine per dose containing at least 5.7 log10 TCID50 of gE- BHV-1 strain GK/D. Traces of antibiotics and cell debris can be present as remnant from the antigen production.

Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live

A live intranasal vaccine against RSV and PI3 viruses for use in calves from the day of birth.

Bovilis Leptavoid-H

A fluid vaccine with a precipitate which resuspends on shaking. Prepared from formol-killed cultures of Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo grown in a synthetic medium free from all proteins, with potash alum as adjuvant. Each ml contains not less than 1 x 109 organisms. Thiomersal BP 0.01% w/v is added as a preservative.

Bovilis Nasalgen-C

Vaccine for active immunisation from the day of birth onwards to reduce clinical signs of upper respiratory tract disease and nasal viral shedding from infection with bovine coronavirus

Bovilis Rotavec Corona

For the active immunisation of pregnant cows and heifers to raise antibodies against E. coli adhesin F5 (K99) antigen, rotavirus and coronavirus. This product may only be prescribed by your veterinary practitioner from whom advice should be sought.

Tribovax 10

Tribovax 10 is a liquid vaccine for injection containing inactivated clostridial antigens with an aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) adjuvant. It is a light brown aqueous suspension that settles on storage, which resuspends on shaking.

Tribovax T

For the active immunisation of cattle against diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoei, C. septicum, C. novyi type B, C. haemolyticum and C. tetani.