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Vidalta® 10 mg tablets for cats / Vidalta® 15 mg tablets for cats


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Product Information for Vets -

Vidalta Group Shot 2019Vidalta 10mg tablets contain 10mg carbimazole as active ingredient


Vidalta 15mg tablets contain 15mg carbimazole as active ingredient.

Vidalta is licensed for the treatment of hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism clinical signs in cats. Vidalta tablets are prolonged release allowing for once daily dosing. Vidalta tablets contain the active carbimazole which is a metabolic prodrug that is rapidly and almost entirely converted to methimazole in vivo. Methimazole concentrates in the thyroid glands where it blocks the activity of the enzyme thyroid peroxidise and thereby regulates the production of thyroid hormones in a dose dependent manner.


The absorption of methimazole when administered as Vidalta prolonged release tablets is delayed compared to conventional release tablets. The concentration/time profile is flatter ensuring there is no pronounced methimazole peaks.

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Packaging Quantities  
Vidalta 10 mg tablets – Packs of 30 tablets.  
Vidalta 15 mg tablets – Packs of 30 tablets.