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Vidalta pack shot 2018

Vivitonin is a treatment prescribed for improvement of circulation and demeanor in dogs. Vivitonin contains propentofylline as the active ingredient.

Vivitonin (propentofylline) improves and maintains cerebral, cardiac, skeletal and peripheral blood supply and tissue oxygenation, via vasodilation and a reduction in blood viscosity. Vivitonin also has a bronchodilatory action equivalent to that of aminophylline.

Propentofylline is distinguished from other licensed xanthine derivatives through a different interaction with adenosine, resulting in Vivitonin’s beneficial effects on the brain and heart.

A number of double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials have demonstrated improvements in energy, quality of life, willingness to exercise and exercise tolerance in older dogs treated with Vivitonin.

Legal Category 

Packaging Quantities 
Vivitonin 50 mg tablets – Packs of 2 x 30 tablets. 
Vivitonin 100 mg tablets – Packs of 6 x 10 tablets.