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Nobivac Tricat Trio


Product class

Nobivac Tricat Trio pack shot 2018Live vaccine containing per dose of 1 ml reconstituted vaccine:
-Live attenuated feline calicivirus, strain F9
-Live attenuated feline herpesvirus type 1, strain G2620A
-Live attenuated feline panleucopenia virus, strain MW-1
For the active immunisation of cats to reduce clinical signs caused by an infection with feline calicivirus (FCV) and feline herpes virus type 1 (FHV1) and to prevent clinical signs, virus excretion and leucopenia caused by feline panleucopenia virus (FPLV).
For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings please consult product leaflet. Further information is available on request. Use medicines responsibly.  

Legal Category
Packaging Quantities
Cardboard boxes containing 10 or 50 single dose vials. The diluent may be packed together with the vaccine or separately. Not all pack sizes may be marketed.