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010_Vivitonin_Packshot 2019Vivitonin, containing the active ingredient propentofylline, improves and maintains cerebral, cardiac, skeletal and peripheral blood supply and tissue oxygenation, via vasodilation and a reduction in blood viscosity. Vivitonin also has a bronchodilatory action equivalent to that of aminophylline.

Propentofylline is distinguished from other licensed xanthine derivatives through a different interaction with adenosine, resulting in Vivitonin’s beneficial effects on the brain and heart.

A number of double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials have demonstrated improvements in energy, quality of life, willingness to exercise and exercise tolerance in older dogs treated with Vivitonin.

Vivitonin 50 mg tablets are orange-yellow, film-coated tablets, quarter-scored on one side. Each tablet contains 50 mg of the xanthine derivative Propentofylline. 

Vivitonin 100 mg tablets are orange-yellow, oblong film-coated tablets, half-scored on one side. Each tablet contains 100 mg of the xanthine derivative Propentofylline.

Use medicines responsibly.

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Packaging Quantities 
Vivitonin 50 mg tablets – Packs of 2 x 30 tablets. 
Vivitonin 100 mg tablets – Packs of 6 x 10 tablets.