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Product Infromation for Vets - Vasotop

Vasotop is an ACE inhibitor – a drug used to treat heart failure in dogs. Vasotop works in two ways, to ease the load on the heart and to reverse some of the damage caused by heart failure. The active ingredient in Vasotop is ramipril. ACE inhibitors don’t only act to reduce vascular resistance through vasodilation, they also need to act locally to inhibit some of the degenerative changes which occur in the heart muscle, blood vessel walls and kidneys as heart disease progresses. Vasotop (ramipril) is a highly lipophilic ACE inhibitor which has been shown to inhibit ACE at both the systemic and local level. Ramipril has been shown to induce the regression of existing myocardial hypertrophy1, to reduce smooth muscle cell proliferation in blood vessel walls2, and to increase renal blood flow3.

Use medicines responsibly.

Legal Category 

Packaging Quantities 
All tablet strengths: 
1 x 28 tablets in HD polyethylene container per box.

1McDonald et al (1995) Circulation 91, 2043-48
2Straeter-Knowlen et al (1999) Am J Physiol 277, H1924-30
3Omosu (1992) Japanese J Nephrol 34, 883-94