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Product Information for Vets - Porcilis PRRS

Porcilis Glasser is a vaccine used for active immunisation of pigs to reduce typical lesions of Glässer’s disease caused by Haemophilus parasuis serotype 5.The vaccine is of benefit when animals with no or low levels of antibodies against H. parasuis serotype 5 are mixed with pigs from or in an environment with a high prevalence of Glässer’s disease. Porcilis Glässer is an aqueous, white or nearly white suspension for injection containing inactivated whole bacterial cells of Haemophilus parasuis serotype 5, strain 4800 inducing ≥ 9.1 ELISA Units* per dose; 150 mg dl-α-tocopherol acetate is added as adjuvant. Further information is available on request. Use medicines responsibly. 


* ELISA units = mean antibody titre (log2 value) in the potency test in mice.
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Packaging Quantities
50ml (25 doses) Glass type I or PET vials.