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Product Information for Vets - Cephaguard Inj.

Cobactan 2.5% with its active ingredient cefquinome, the only 4th generation cephalosporin marketed for veterinary use, provides you with an effective weapon against a wide range of bacterial infections in dairy and beef cattle as well as pigs. In numerous trials very good cure rates have been found in cases of mastitis when Cobactan 2.5% is used in combination with Cobactan MC. In cases of mastitis with systemic involvement, Cobactan leads to clinical and bacteriological cure and a quick return to full milk production. And Cobactan 2.5% can also be used effectively in other cases of bacteriological infection such as respiratory infection in calves, digital dermatitis in cows or Mastitis-Metritis-Agalactiae syndrome and respiratory infection in pigs. The dose rate for Cobactan is 2ml per 50kg in adult cattle and 4ml per 50kg in calves and pigs to be injected intramuscularly.

For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings, please see data sheet. Use medicine responsibly.