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Caninsulin Suspension for Injection


Product class

Caninsulin is a type of insulin specially formulated for use in dogs and cats. It is used to treat ‘sugar diabetes’, the symptoms of which include excessive drinking and urination, appetite changes and weight loss. Caninsulin will only be prescribed for a pet after a veterinary surgeon has run tests to confirm that a pet has diabetes mellitus. 

Caninsulin contains porcine lente insulin at a 40 i.u./ml concentration, and is licensed for use in both dogs and cats. The combination of the 40 i.u./ml concentration and the availability of both 10ml (400 unit) and 2.5ml (100 unit) vials ensures that broached vials are used quickly and assists with achieving accuracy and consistency of dosing.

Intervet are able to supply specific 40 i.u./ml syringes for use with Caninsulin. 

Legal Category: POM-V

Caninsulin is an intermediate acting insulin product containing porcine insulin, which is structurally identical to canine insulin. For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings, see data sheet. Further information is available on request. 

For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings, please see data sheet. Use medicine responsibly.

Legal Category

Packaging Quantities
Box with 5 or 10 glass vials of 2.5 ml. Box of 10 cartridges of 2.7 ml.
Box with 1 glass vial of 10 ml.

Not all pack sizes may be marketed.