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At MSD Animal Health, we love pets like you do

At MSD Animal Health, we fight for animal health because pets matter to us. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance animals have in our lives, and yours. They love us unconditionally and we, in turn, love them back. Just like you do…

Many of us at MSD Animal Health and MSD Ireland are pet owners and veterinary surgeons. We know and understand just how important pets are in your lives.

Did you know that approximately 60% of Irish households have a pet dog or cat!

MSD Animal Health believes pets deserve the best care, because they keep us happy and healthy.

Studies show that love, companionship and sloppy kisses are just a few reasons why people own pets. Additional research finds that just owning a pet can lower cholesterol and blood pressure,[i] and another study stated that walking and interacting with a dog helped older people regulate the body's unconscious actions.[ii]

From trusted companions to energetic playmates, pets are our dedicated friends and our beloved family members. So much so, that a study confirmed that pet owners frequently call other family members by the name of their pet,[iii] and even one out of 10 created a social media profile for them![iv]

Our pets give back to us unselfishly, day after day, but they also depend on us. That’s why at MSD Animal Health, it is our duty to keep pets happy and healthy too! And it’s our Veterinary Surgeons that make that possible.

Colleagues, friends, and fellow pet owners…always consult your trusted vet. They play a crucial role in ensuring our pets stay healthy.

At MSD Animal Health, we value our vets! Through several of our programs we work to support 200,000 vets across Europe. We also aim to create a better system for them, helping the 60,000 animal organisations including stores, suppliers, shows, breeders and transport across the European market.

At MSD Animal Health, we trust our vets and love our pets.See for yourself!

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